No Image Available Halloween
Nickname: Hal'
Age: Unknown
Height: 170 cm
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Special talent: Almost as physically strong as Superman... almost.
Status: Leader of the South Side Surveillance Squadron
Bio: He's not really the talkative type; he just busted into the South Side inhabitants' lives - Quinn beside him - when an ennemy gang was trying to gain control of the suburb and he beat them all up to a pulp. After that, he created the S4 in order to reconquer South Side and give it back to its inhabitants. It isn't certain that even Quinn knows his true motives for this seemingly disinteressed help, but rumor has it he is looking for someone, who formerly lived in these suburbs.  He was nicknamed Halloween by the South Side kids because he always dresses in black and orange. Nobody knows his true name, but he seems to have a special relationship with Quinn and Indie. His rapier's name is Blackerfly.

No Image AvailableQuinn McDougall
Nickname: The Queen
Age: 22
Height: 176 cm
Hair: Venice Blonde
Eyes: Some grayish-green colour
Special talent: Mechanics, guns, weaponry... all that kind of dangerous stuff.
Status: South Side Surveillance Squadron Technicalt Adviser
Bio: She must have been a rich landlord in a previous life : she's dominant, has a strong personnality, loves yelling, but above all, loves money. No one really knows why she hangs around Hal', since he doesn't pay her. She says she always teams up with the strongest, maybe that's why... She's the S4 technical adviser, so she spends most of her time in her workshop. She's not really someone people like to hang out with, but she still has some very attractive feminine charm, which makes males feel uncomfortable near her.

No Image AvailableMichaël Adam Sandler
Nickname: Mickey
Age: 34
Height: 193 cm
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Blueish-gray
Special talent: Big brawns and tallness. Also a very good cook.
Status: Halloween's personal adviser
Bio: Loyal and reliable, he's actually quite a nice guy, despite his brutish size. Always there to cool somebody's head before they start-attacking-Hal'-and-inevitably-end-up-torn-to-shreads-on-the-side-walk. He joined the armed forces of the S4 so that his little sister Annie could have a better and more secure life. He's also very good at keeping Hal's strange secrets... 

No image availableLahar Rajya
Age: 14
Height: 165 cm
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Skin: Tan
Special talent: None really, except if you consider getting into trouble as a talent.
Status: South Side inhabitant
Bio: His family settled in South Side just before the beginning of the unending winter, and thus, before the economic crisis. When the members of an ennemy gang attacked his home, he was petrified by fear and astonishment. If it hadn't been for Hal breaking in at the last moment, who knows what might have happened? For this reason, Hal' refuses to make him a member of the S4, no matter how ferociously Lahar would ask for this occasion to make up for what he did... or what he did not do. This idealistic teenager whishes to become a magistrate in order to deal with the increasing criminality and insecurity in South Side. His family is of indian origin, but his mother has integrated her new land so well that Lahar and his three sisters -triplets- have forgotten most of the indian culture and now live just like any native. 

No image availableIndigo
Nickname: Indie
Age: 19
Height: 168 cm
Hair: Indigo
Eyes: Blue
Special talent: Going through walls and other solid things.
Strange-girl-coming-out-of-nowhere, oh yeah, and with the IQ of an oister.
Bio: She knocked on the S4's front door the first time claiming she has known Hal' for a long time and that she missed him. This young girl's life is just about as enigmatic as Hal's and they really do seem to know each other quite well. Apart from that, she is his total opposite : joyful, optimistic and naive, Indie has a dangerous habit of making Quinn mad. But that's not the only danger her unconsciousness will bring to Hal's door...

No Image availableUra, Verdani & Skalla Rajya
Age: 8
Height: 112 cm
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Skin: Tan
Special talent: Submitting their elder brother to all their desires.
Status: Lahar's little sisters, triplets.
Bio: Lahar's little sisters are triplets, they live together since birth, so their favorite hobby is whispering among themselves and making loud giggles that unnerve the others quite a lot and quite often, thinking they're talking about them. Since the three little girls are of fragile constitution, their mother and brother are very protective with them.

No image availableShasti Rajya
Age: 41
Height: 166 cm
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Skin: Tan
Special talent: Being a 4-child mother.
Status: Lahar, Ura, Verdani and Skalla's mother.
Bio: This (over-)protective and caring mother always keeps an eye out for her children, and for almost every child, really. However, when she thinks you're not looking, her eyes become weary of an invisible burden...